Monday, July 8, 2013

Horrifying Discovery

Last week I was reorganizing my makeup drawers for my Makeup Collection post (which will hopefully be up next week). As I was doing so, I came across some foundations I haven't used in a while. I picked up my bottle of Neutrogena Healthy Skin foundation. I loved it when I first bought it, but after awhile it started turning orange on my skin, hence why it was sitting in the "junk" basket. As I picked up the bottle, I noticed something very odd. The pigment (color) of the foundation was off to one side of the bottle... On the other was the most DISGUSTING thing I've ever seen. It was this white/yellow substance, which immediately reminded me of a "loogie". GROSS RIGHT?? I apologize if that made any of you want to puke, but that's how I felt when I saw it. All I could think was "oh my gosh...this is what I was putting on my face!!!". Yes, I realize it had been sitting in my drawer for probably more than a year & hadn't been shaken up, but I have other foundations that are older & they looked NOTHING like that.

Seeing that really made me stop & think about the substances that are in these products that I use on my face weekly. Did you know that the cosmetics industry is one of the LEAST regulated?? Companies can put all kinds of harmful chemicals in their products & they don't even have to tell us. Finding this out made me immediately want to change the makeup I use.

Now I am starting my mission to transition to more natural brands. Notice how I say "transition". It is not going to be an automatic thing. I basically make zero money off Youtube (well, not exactly zero, but it takes me months to reach $100, & they don't send a check until u pass that amount), so I can't just go out & buy everything at once (although that would be nice). Natural makeup brands are usually more expensive (my meaning of "expensive"), so I am starting out with the basics. I'm beginning with my base. Foundation.

While grocery shopping in Sprouts (my new fave store) I saw the brand Mineral Fusion & decided to give it a try. I picked up their Pressed Powder foundation in Olive 3. I don't think I've ever told you guys this, but my undertone is olive. Some days I wake up & my skin is so green!!! Anyway, I'm excited to give it a try. Of course I will let you guys know how I like it.

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